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Because of its wide range of services, WULFENIA Engineering is able to react to the many individual requests of customers.

Plant engineering:

• Process engineering,

• Equipment engineering,

• Installation engineering,

• Pipeline engineering

Structural steel execution planning, including statics for:

• flue-gas ducts for flue-gas desulphurization and DeNox plants,

• Heavy duty platforms,

• Glass facade roofing,

• Crane-building,

• Glass furnace building,

• Designing and relevant detail engineering of maintenance bays for the aircraft industry.

Plant assembly, incl. planning, organisation, handling and supervision of:

• Steel structures, apparatus, machinery, pipelines;

• Conveying and processing equipment and pressure vessels;

• Site supervision and supervision of works for complete plants.

Electrical and measurement and control engineering:

Project management from planning to commissioning.


Hall building (turnkey). At the customer’s request, WULFENIA Engineering GmbH will also take over the supply, assembly and commissioning of specific plant areas.


• Final assembly inspection;

• Hot and cold commissioning;

• Process supervision and optimisation;

• Training operating personnel;

• Production of operating manuals;

• Co-ordinating and/or organising and conducting the accept-ance measurements based on approval and contractually assured characteristics.


Apart from the main areas of firing, steam generation (boiler plants) and flue-gas cleaning (desulphurisation, nitrogen remov-al,dust extraction, dioxin, furane and heavy metal reduction), the plants included the following ancillary systems amongst others:

• feedwater treatment
• supply and disposal of HOK, calcium hydroxide handling;
• gypsum dewatering and drying;
• storage and metering of sodium hydroxide solutions and ammonia water;
• dust removal and loading dust on lorry, rail and ship;• Gas or oil burners for heating the flue gases;
• steam systems for trace heating;
• electric tracing;
• flue-gas ducts with dampers;
• soot blowers;
• silo units with loading and unloading system;
• weighing devices for tanks and silos;
• induced-draught fans, blowers and fans;
• generation and treatment of control and working air;• service water supply.

• We are experienced in the instrumentation and control andvisualisation of these companies:

• Siemens

• Hartmann und Braun

• Valmet


• Bailey

• Roskilde DK


• Fisher-Rosemount



Important information

In the event that any of the above jobs cannot be awarded as a work and labour contract, we are able to hire out temporary labour on the basis of our licence under the Personnel Leasing Act. We also have approval under § 20 Radiation Protection Order [StrlSchV] and approval in respect of substances harmful to water under the Water Law[WHG We would also like to point out that our third party liability insurance covers property damage and personal injury up to 3.000.000,00 €.

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